.caseEnergy Efficiency by Installing Motion Sensors
.caseSelecting Client-Acceptable Green Products
.caseDocumenting Energy Savings from Simple Shutdowns
.caseFirm Green Day
.caseIncentivizing responsible commuting
.caseMonthly “Green Theme”
.casePaper Reduction Case Study
.caseReducing Disposable Cup Use in Pantries and Cafeteria
.case100% PCW paper
.caseSustainability Volunteer Projects
.caseBuilding as an Educational Tool
.caseNonprofit "Green Card"
.caseEPA WasteWise Program
.caseLEED Gold
.caseEarth Hour
.caseABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge -- Best Paper Practices
.caseABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge -- Energy Star
.caseGreen Dining
.caseThe Wendel Forum Radio Show, Blog and More . . .
.caseCafeteria: Earth Friendlier Disposables and Reducing Waste
.caseInternal GreenLetter
.caseEnergy Star Rating For Our Building
.caseRenewable Energy Purchase
.caseServer Room Computer Virtualization
.caseReduction in use of bottled water at the Firm
.caseGreen Awareness/New Green Initiatives
.caseCell Phone Drive for Earth Day
.caseUsing compostable, biodegradable cutlery
.caseProgrammable Thermostats
.caseLaunching Local Green Teams